The development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases is a multi-factorial process with many contributing factors. However, to date, guidelines have focused on only one laboratory measurement to assess risk and guide therapy for cardiovascular disease: LDL-cholesterol. However, recent studies have demonstrated that nearly fifty percent of people hospitalized in the USA, with the diagnosis of coronary artery disease, have optimal levels of LDL-cholesterol. This means that physicians, who follow the guidelines and treat their patients to goal, (i.e. making sure that the LDL-Cholesterol is optimal) many times still fail the patient! Clearly there is additional risks not detected by LDL-cholesterol measurements, and following the guidelines is not enough.

That’s why at MD21 and the world’s top experts will direct you to the best and most comprehensive testing that allows to uncover the multiple contributing processes involved in the development of atherosclerosis, such as: genetic factors, lipids, lipoprotein particles and Apolipoprotein, inflammation, oxidation, myocardial stress, platelets blood clotting fibrinolysis, insulin resistance, a number of metabolic parameters, thyroid function kidney function, omega three fatty acids and sterile. Our top specialists will work with you (or your doctor). They are world leading experts in this field and will make sure that the right testing and assessments are conducting (not just the basic guidelines and not every test that you may not need) only those tests that apply to your particular genetic make-up. Furthermore our experts go beyond the assessment, they will diagnose and treat the underlying factors beyond that go much further beyond guidelines.