For employers, businesses & government, a must-have addition!

Reduce Your Cost

Provide a lower cost alternative for portions of your healthcare plans.

Improve Your Health and Wellness Offerings

Add extensive advanced multi-specialty services and advanced diagnostics to your benefits for a low-cost fixed fee.

Improve Access

Provide your employees with global coverage and access to top leading healthcare experts. Anytime, anywhere.

Business Intelligence

Our advanced reporting (Genius Medical Report) gives you valuable insight into the health of your company. Proactively manage risks and wellness.


Average reduction in primary care visits


Average reduction in ER visits


Percentage of large employers that will use telemedicine by 2018

Advanced Employer Features

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Our MedCabs provide your employees privacy with enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

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Medical Attendant

With a small footprint, the MD21 Medical Attendants are ideal for easy, space-saving placement across your facilities.

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Genius Medical Report™

Manage your risk and overall company health with our advanced scorecards and Genius Medical Report™.

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Learn how you can save money while improving your healthcare benefits!

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