What is MD21’s Genius Medical Report™ For Businesses?

Our Genius (medical) report cards pulls data from the advanced testing we conduct. our proprietary algorithm combines this with data from all plug and play instruments, BlueTooth Devices (such as Fitbit®) or any exercise mobile app or accessory. Once we automatically pull the data the this is presented to you (through your online account or mobile app, or in print if necessary). The report highlights any area of concern or improvement as well as results that may require immediate attention and so much more.

In addition to providing the world’s most Advanced Testing and reporting, we have the word’s leading specialists to interpret, diagnose, treat and prevent disease. This in turn will save you hundreds of thousands per year, By reducing unnecessary visits to ER or doctor’s office. We do ALL this all the while preventing disease and improving your employees (or plan carriers) health and well being.

Finally will give you an aggregate secure private data to see the progress and overall health through our own proprietary medical report cards.